We're always on the lookout for new faces.
Are you interested in becoming a model and do you meet the requirements below? Fill in the form, add 3 pictures (full out, close up, no make-up) and when we're interested in taking you on board, you'll hear from us within 7 days.


Between 18 and 27 years old
Between 1m74 and 1m81
 Between  size 34 - 38

Please note: When you add your details and pictures in the form on the right and hit the send-button, the It's me-team will receive this, will evaluate you and will then decide whether or not to take you on board.

When we decide to pass on you, we will delete all info and pictures rights away and won't store this in our files longer than necessary.

By pressing send you expressly agree to the evaluation by the It's me-team. When you're younger than 18 years old and still decide to send us your info and pictures, please make sure you have permission from your parents or guardians.